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About the game

The News Hero is an on-line education game designed to burst the bubble of an elite dominated discussion about critical thinking and empower the society to become more conscious readers through a gamified approach.

The game puts the player through the experience of running a publishing company. To get your company noticed and gain an audience, you must publish accurate news.

Pay attention to the hints provided in the Fact Checker screen and verify the incoming stories. With each level becoming increasingly difficult you can hire new assistants and obtain things to customize your office. This will boost performance of your employees and help you earn more.

The game is divided into three levels, each informing the player on how to distinguish between the fact and the fiction.

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The game has been developed and maintained by a small team of creatives and developers at NATO StratCom COE in the hope of training readers on how to detect fake news tactics and contribute to the combined efforts of countering the growing disinformation challenge.

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